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Our Team at Provolution Health

The Provolution Health team is multidisciplinary, with a range of specialties to cater to your particular needs. We welcome you to get to know our staff, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Dr Marcus Chacos Chiropractor Queanbeyan Canberra Arthritis Solution Expert

Dr. Marcus Chacos

Marcus was fascinated with the human body and healthcare at school, so much so, when he won an award for public speaking and debating in Year 10, he bought an anatomy and physiology textbook with his prize money! It was the influence of his then-girlfriend (and future wife) that motivated Marcus to enter chiropractic school.

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Dr Cindy Lam Chiropractor Queanbeyan Canberra Postural Health for Family Wellness and Family Chiropractic Care

Dr. Cindy Lam

Dr Cindy is a dedicated and passionate chiropractor who is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. Her journey to becoming a chiropractor began at a young age when she experienced low back pain related to her menstrual cycle. It was through chiropractic care that she found relief and realised her calling to help others in the same way.
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Monique Lewis graphic designer chiropractic social media and chiropractic marketing for online health and vitality workshops

Monique Lewis

Project Manager

Monique Lewis is our exuberant graphic designer, social media manager and project manager at Provolution Health. Driven by her love for art, music, and design since a young age, she knew her work would remain creative in her later years. Even though working for a chiropractic practice was the last place she thought she’d end up, she thoroughly enjoys the challenges sent her way!

Hanna Utzinger Provolution Health Chiropractic practice manager naturopathy herbal remedy natural medicine and homeopathics


Practice Manager

Hanna has operated as practice manager and client support for over 28 years. Having begun her undergraduate studies in chiropractic and health sciences, Hanna then moved to focus on her children and family. Since then she has operated in a support role for the practice.

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Without having qualified as a chiropractor, Hanna understands more about chiropractic and health than 90% of practicing chiropractors.

With a deep and profound understanding of health, philosophy and a wonderful mind for critical thinking, logical reasoning—Hanna provides a deep understanding of people’s health needs and practice operations to ensure that patients can undertake an extraordinary healing experience at Provolution Health.

Makayla Bowring

Makayla Bowring

Chiropractic Assistant

Makayla is our front of desk Chiropractic Assistant at the clinic! She is a bright smiling face who is always looking forward to welcoming our clients into the practice!

Don’t be fooled by her easy-going demeanour! She is most often the one who is helping us with all the behind the scenes work which makes our practice run so smoothly.

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Makayla has always been very people oriented and knew her future was never going to be in a small office! Though being a Chiropractic Assistant wasn’t exactly on her vision board, she has accepted and powered through the new tasks that she faces and is always open to criticisms and learning every day!

Kate Pendlebury

Kate Pendlebury

Chiropractic Assistant

Kate was passionate about health care since she was a young child as she felt the responsibility to help her mother care for her family when they were unwell. Alongside Kate’s outgoing personality, Kate possesses a natural disposition to help and serve others. Kate was thrilled when she was offered a position as a Chiropractic Assistant at Provolution Health.

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Kate started seeing Dr. Marcus as a client 3 years ago as she was suffering from chronic pain for over 10 years. After the first few months of receiving care, Kate became aware of the body’s ability to heal itself, and became immersed in the philosophy of chiropractic care. After discovering her passion of helping others whilst working at Provolution Health, Kate decided to complete her bachelor’s degree in health science.

When Kate isn’t at work, she loves spending time visiting family in the south coast, playing with her grandsons, reading health and history books, and camping.

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