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Our Team at Provolution Health

The Provolution Health team is multidisciplinary, with a range of specialties to cater to your particular needs. We welcome you to get to know our staff, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Hanna Utzinger Physiospect Practitioner

Hanna Utzinger, PhysioSpect Practitioner

With use of the advanced PhysioSpect technology, Hanna identifies imbalances in the system of your body. She’ll determine where in your body she needs to trigger a healing response, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from the work you do with your other health practitioners.

This modern solution works to reprogram the cells of your body to optimise your performance.

Cassandra Pentreath

Cassandra Pentreath, Team Leader

Cassandra brings over 20 years of experience working around Australia both in the administration and community sectors. Now calling Provolution Health her home, Cassandra is able to combine her love of working closely with the community with that of office management,  in one fast paced, fun and exciting role.

When Cassandra isn’t at the practice, chances are you’ll find her out and about cycling her way around this beautiful city of ours, and beyond.

Barbara Bowen, Mental Health Resource Practitioner

A psychology degree and skills sets such as hypnosis and a neurolinguistics program allow Barbara to work with your emotional and mental health and wellbeing. She’ll equip you with the skills, tools and resources necessary to be positive, in control and empowered, leading to the path of contentment, happiness and joy.

Want to Learn More?

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