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Chiropractic Lifestyle Sessions at Provolution Health

Happy family eatingChiropractic philosophy has in its foundation the 3T’s: Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts. The implications here is that our lifestyle influences our health and wellbeing.

Physical traumas such as accidents, falls, bumps and spills may impact our spine and how our body functions. Equally, the toxins in our environment (including the toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat) can produce inflammation in the body, interfering with the body’s natural balance. Equally, our thoughts (the traumatic emotions we experience, the stress that we feel and the negative thoughts that we have) may also undermine our nervous system and our body’s ability to function at optimum levels. Equally, all of these traumas impact our nervous system and our body’s ability to be resilient and adapt.

Chiropractic aims to reduce the 3T’s supporting healing and function of the body.

The chiropractic lifestyle incorporates addressing exercise, diet and nutrition as well as emotional and mental wellbeing. This page on our website is dedicated to helping you address the lifestyle factors associated with better health.

Exercise Prescription at Provolution Health

Why is it important to make sure you’re active? There are several ways it can boost your overall well being, such as improving your ability to perform everyday activities, maintain mobility, independence and quality of life, combat ill health and develop capabilities in coordination, social skills, motor skills and self-esteem–not to mention limiting or minimising the impact of any physical trauma that may take place in your life including accidents, falls and even poor posture ergonomics.

Experience Optimum Wellbeing

When prescribed by a qualified professional, exercise can prevent ill health, boost the wellness of the body’s systems (cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems), treat illness and assist rehabilitation and recovery from injury. Exercise also helps stabilise the body to limit degenerative progression, reduce pain and restore mobility and function, facilitating healing.

We don’t recommend that you start an exercise program before consulting with our chiropractors. There are some simple ways to make sure that your body is ready for exercise:

Low-intensity activity increases the temperature in your body, allowing muscles to better contract and coordinate with greater amounts of blood and oxygen.

Activity levels should be gradually decreased with a series of stretches that allow the body to recover. A cool down period may reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and prevent the pooling of blood in the limbs that can cause fainting or dizziness and improve the recovery of tissues by removing waste products.

Stretching lengthens the tendons and muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility. It also reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and allows for easier movement. You must be careful to warm up first, though, as stretching cold muscles is of little value and can cause injury. The important areas of the body to stretch are calves, groin, hamstrings, neck, quadriceps and trunk.

Diet and Nutritional Advice at Provolution Health

Finding the Nutrition Your Body Needs

Box of fruits and vegetablesNumerous studies support the finding that our diets are inadequate. Worse, two-thirds of deaths each year are from nutrition-related illnesses! At Provolution Health, we feel that this vital area must be emphasised to reach the highest levels of health. Our health professionals are highly educated in nutrition with many hours of clinical experience.

Assessing Your Dietary Needs

Our cutting-edge nutritional assessments and educational programs are of superior quality and go a long way towards ensuring you don’t end up with any nutrition-related diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthroses, gastritis, colitis and more.

The variety and quality of the nutrients you take in daily determine how your body develops, how efficiently it functions and how long it will last.

Facing Unprecedented Nutritional Changes

In today’s world, we’re confronted with nutritional challenges, some of which are beyond our control. The air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is filled with chemicals and the foods we eat are stripped of nutrients or contaminated with pesticides, preservatives, sulfites and fungicides. Grocery shelves carry products high in fats and sugars lacking other necessary nutrients.

The numerous causes of stress take their toll on our body’s ability to function. We’re overfed, yet undernourished! Overall health is deteriorating, though many diseases can be prevented. By controlling our nutrition, we can stop sickness and enhance our wellbeing. We must begin to educate ourselves and our children to recognise the importance of empowerment, learning how to take control of our own health. After all, good health is the basis for realising our full capabilities and fulfilling our dreams!

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