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Meet Our Chiropractors

Queanbeyan Chiropractor Dr Marcus Chacos welcomes all ages, from babies and children to the elderly. Our senior patients often seek his help for arthritis, as he is the founder of the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute. It's his goal to look at each person's life and uncover how best to help them using the many treatment modalities we offer. He's dedicated to going to any lengths necessary to assist each unique individual in their health journey.

Dr. Cindy is passionate in educating and empowering her clients towards achieving their personal best and believes a healthy and functional spine and nervous system is vital in achieving this. She utilises a multi-modal holistic approach that is patient-centred with realistic conversations to address the reality of clients concerns.

Meet Dr Marcus Chacos Meet Dr Cindy Lam

Queanbeyan Chiropractor Provides Integrated Care

Woman and little girl smilingImprove Your Life Quality at Provolution Health

At Provolution Health, we know that you can enjoy an extraordinary quality of life. Queanbeyan Chiropractor Dr Marcus Chacos provides powerful, highly effective and long-lasting solutions. Our team is dedicated to giving you the compassion and support you need on your journey to health.

Many of our clients seek our help with issues that they’ve been battling for years. What makes us different is that we focus on discovering the root cause of each individual’s problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. Once determined, we’ll move forward with a clearly defined path to address your needs and meet your particular goals.

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Experience 360 Degrees of Health

We believe in transforming lives, not just relieving pain. Our unique form of healthcare includes chiropractic, massage , naturopathy, kinesiology, diet and nutrition advice and exercise prescriptions.

Education is a vital part of attaining better health. As such, we teach our clients about how to maximise the benefits of what we do. Changing your beliefs about health needs to be conscious and deliberate, and we’ll provide the coaching you need to choose a more proactive stance about your wellbeing.