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Meet Dr Marcus Chacos  (Chiropractor)

Choosing a Career in Chiropractic

Dr Marcus Chacos ChiropractorAt school, Marcus was fascinated with the human body and healthcare — so much so, in fact, that when he won an award for public speaking and debating, he bought an anatomy and physiology textbook with his prize money! It was the influence of his then-girlfriend (and future wife) that motivated Marcus to enter chiropractic school.

He enrolled at Macquarie University (then the Sydney College of Chiropractic). He remembers the exact moment that he understood chiropractic and knew that he had chosen the right path for himself.

At 7 pm on a Tuesday night, two days into the course, I had a lecture on the chiropractic philosophy. I was simultaneously inspired, amazed and excited. That lecture defined my purpose and passion from that point onwards.”

Understanding How to Help Others

Marcus’ passion and involvement with chiropractic has only grown since that moment. Before finishing at Macquarie, he received a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from the University of New South Wales. Then, he completed a Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie. Marcus had the good fortune to be mentored by Dr John Kelly, a well-known chiropractor who taught him the value of constantly learning more and working with other practitioners to show clients the results they seek.

To expand his knowledge, Marcus has completed a significant amount of postgraduate studies, including a graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Master’s in Chiropractic Sports Science. Marcus’ expertise allows him to incorporate exercise prescriptions and strengthening, stretching and conditioning programs in practice. He works with sports teams and helps people improve their diet and nutrition.

Developing a Holistic Approach

Marcus’ approach to care looks at healing on all levels. With an integrated model of care, we achieve remarkable results for people where other avenues have failed. Marcus seeks to uncover and understand the needs of each client with the appropriate testing, then holistically apply the best forms of therapy for a total healing blueprint.

The compassion that I feel and the care that I have for each person allows me to be with the client in the moment, digging through the knowledge I have to determine how to help them.”

Sharing Knowledge With Our Community

Marcus has lectured and worked as a tutor at the Canberra Institute of Technology in Psychology. He’s provided medical science courses for the Kim Dudley College for Natural Therapists. With his additional studies in kinesiology, Marcus became an instructor in the subject. He’s even studied quantum physics and symbolism to work on an incredibly profound, holistic level with his clients.

Want to Learn More?

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