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The Strength of the Host

The  Strength of the Host VS The Strength of the Virus

The COVID-19 pandemic from early 2020 is unfortunately still affecting the lives of everyone around the world in many ways; from loss of work, being unwell, not being able to see family and friends, as well as losing loved ones. It is very hard to miss reading or hearing about COVID-19 as it is widely spoken about amongst family and friends, and most definitely all over the media on a day-to-day basis. There has been a wide focus on the strength of the virus. There is a lot of information on how strong and contagious COVID-19 is as well as how vitally important it is to get vaccinated for immunity. Whilst this information is important, many have found it to have caused fear, anxiety and stress. However, there has not been as much publicly available information on the strength of the host. The host is you, your spouse, your child. Therefore, it is important that the host is working its best—so that when you do come in contact with COVID-19 or any virus or bacteria—to fight it off to the best of its ability.

While you cannot control the strength of the virus, you can definitely control the strength of the host. Recent research has shown that many of those who have passed away with COVID-19 had underlying health conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. While not all underlying health conditions and comorbidities are preventable, many are including the examples above via merely lifestyle changes.


What Can I Do?

Here are some simple things you can do starting today to boost the strength of the host AKA you and your immune system!

  1. Get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments help the body function at its best by removing any nerve interference. Having little to no nerve interference is important for your health because it is your nervous system that controls every cell, muscle, tissue and organ in your body.
  2. Stay hydrated. Having enough water helps the kidneys do their job of balancing electrolytes and filtering waste from the body. Staying hydrated also includes consuming less alcohol. Interestingly, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found 1 in 5 people reported increased alcohol use during COVID-19. The ABS has also found an increased alcohol retail turnover from $3.3 billion in 2019 to $15.6 billion in 2020 – an increase of 26.7%.
  3. Eating healthy anti-inflammatory foods. It can be hard with the Christmas and New Year festive season having just passed and Easter just around the corner, although it is necessary to enjoy the celebration time with family and friends, it is important to keep in mind the high calorie, carbohydrate and sugars found in many chocolates, desserts and baked goods. Try to still include the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day.
  4. Go outside and get some vitamin D out in the sun. Vitamin D is essential in the health and functioning of your immune system as it enhances your white blood cells which are important parts of your immune defence and decreases inflammation which helps promote an immune response.
  5. Take a high-quality live probiotic. Make sure your gut health is working the best it can because a lot of our immune system is in our gut.

All these different factors are so important right now to create a strong host which in turn is something you can control right now instead of focusing on the strength of the virus.

If you want to increase the functioning of your nervous system, improve your overall health, and boost the strength of the host, then call 6299 2660 to discuss further what actions you can take to improve your overall immune system and health!


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