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Spinal Hygiene


Spinal hygiene and dental hygiene are so much alike. I would even dare say spinal hygiene is more important than dental hygiene because the spine houses your entire nervous system and your entire ability to function is determined by having a healthy functioning spine. Poor spinal hygiene leads to vertebral subluxations which are in a nutshell, impairment of optimal expression of your nervous system caused by physical, biochemical, or psychological dis-stress. Therefore, you don’t want to wait until your spine starts to break down to take care of it. A study by the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery showed that 85% of people who are 50 years old have spinal degeneration. Another study by the American Journal of Neuro Radiology showed that 37% of 20-year old’s have spinal degeneration!


There are 3 main principles that define spinal hygiene as the set of practices associated with preserving and maintaining spinal health:

This involves both home spinal care and regular chiropractor check-ups and adjustments.
  1. The spine on an x-ray should be straight from the front and should have natural curves from the side
  2. The spine should be able to move through its full range of motion, symmetrically and fully through all three planes of motion
  3. The muscles around the spine should be balanced and strong as postural and core muscles are a vital part of spinal health


Spinal hygiene is looking after your spine through good spinal posture. Proper alignment and function are key to avoiding subluxation just like brushing and flossing your teeth is vital to avoiding dental deterioration.


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