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Soft Tissue Massage in Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan soft tissue massageWith many tools in our tool belt, the team at Provolution Health provide a wide range of services for your benefit. Soft tissue massage is another option we offer to restore your health, naturally.

Relaxing Your Body’s Muscles

If a muscular restriction is present, you can’t enjoy your full range of movement. Soft tissue massage helps break up scar tissue or adhesion in a specific area. The results our patients report include a decrease in pain and an increase in strength, coordination and flexibility.

By applying pressure to the skin, the layers of muscle below the skin are stimulated. There are two layers: the outer muscle, which helps us move, and the inner muscle, which helps us stay upright and stabilises our joints.

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Sports taping and exercises may be prescribed for you as appropriate. Discover how soft tissue massage may help you.
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