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Exercise Prescription at Provolution Health

Why is it important to make sure you’re active? There are several ways it can boost your overall wellbeing, such as improving your ability to perform everyday activities, maintain mobility, independence and quality of life, combat ill health and develop capabilities in coordination, social skills, motor skills and self-esteem.

Take Control of Your Healing

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Home exercises can help sustain the work we do at each of your visits to Provolution Health, improving results and allowing you to be responsible for your own wellbeing. We’ll prescribe exercises tailored to your level of health and fitness, level of motivation and available time.

The different types of programs we may use include:

  • Stretching (flexibility)
  • Strengthening (resistance)
  • Conditioning (aerobic exercise)
  • Balance
  • Coordination

We’ll educate you on how to perform these exercises safely and effectively to maximise your results.

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Experience Optimum Wellbeing

When prescribed by a qualified professional, exercise can prevent ill health, boost the wellness of the body’s systems (cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems), treat illness and assist rehabilitation and recovery from illness.

We don’t recommend that you start an exercise program before consulting with our chiropractors. There are some simple ways to make sure that your body is ready for exercise:

Warm Up

Low-intensity activity increases the temperature in your body, allowing muscles to better contract and coordinate with greater amounts of blood and oxygen.

Cool Down

Activity levels should be gradually decreased with a series of stretches that allow the body to recover. A cool down period may reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and prevent the pooling of blood in the limbs that can cause fainting or dizziness and improve the recovery of tissues by removing waste products.


Stretching lengthens the tendons and muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility. It also reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and allows for easier movement. You must be careful to warm up first, though, as stretching cold muscles is of little value and can cause injury. The important areas of the body to stretch are:

  • Calves
  • Groin
  • Hamstrings
  • Neck
  • Quadriceps
  • Trunk

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