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Diversified Technique

diversified adjustmentAt Provolution Health, one of the many adjustment styles we use is referred to as Diversified. Among the most popular chiropractic techniques, this hands-on approach allows us to manually adjust your spinal bones for optimum function and neural integrity. A gentle and safe force is applied, gently pushing on the vertebrae and body creating a gentle “popping” sound that takes place. Popping may not happen with every adjustment, although when it does, it is a sign that gas at the joint has been released and a neurological change is taking place. Even when there is no noise taking place within the adjustment, joint function and mobility as well as neurological integrity are being enhanced. Every adjustment will be different according to the person receiving the adjustment, as children and older people do not need the same force as others people may move to restore function and enhance mobility.

Diversified can be successful in helping patients of all ages and stages get back to living the life they love, naturally.

What to Expect

First, a history is taken to understand what the challenges you are presenting are. Furthermore, an examination and analysis of your spine, and the function of your body will be undertaken, and X-rays of your spine may be indicated. If they are, a referral for an x-ray will be provided and reviews or your X-ray will be done at your next consultation.

During your examination, motion palpation may be undertaken, assessing the movement and mobility of the joint, with the chiropractor feeling the spinal joints move as you turn and bend. Or, a leg check may be performed, to uncover an imbalance in the orientation of your pelvis or spine.

When imbalances in spinal function are identified (chiropractors call these vertebral subluxations) a specific manual thrust is delivered. The direction, speed, depth and angle that are used is the result of years of experience, practice and a thorough understanding of spinal mechanics and nervous system function.

Each adjustment is modified according to the person before them, their age, shape and condition ensuring that the most appropriate form of care is experienced for the patient.

Finally, a person receiving an adjustment may have one of three responses. The most common by far is an initial sense of relief or lightness. People invariably feel better after an adjustment. At times, a patient may not experience any significant change, though over a significant period of time, positive change is anticipated. Some people may feel a little tender following an adjustment, it is not the adjustment that produces this, it is invariably the pre-existing discomfort or pain the patient is in being provoked by the healing force of an adjustment. This is invariably short-lived and facilitates the healing and return to normal function of improved health and quality of life.

Your practitioner will explain this to you and what they expect as a result of the care they deliver. Naturally, call the practice with any questions you may have.

What are the Benefits?

Improving spinal biomechanics can reduce nervous system interferences, virtually all joints of the body can be adjusted to help restore appropriate range of motion and ability, increasing the function of the spine and healing potential of the body. Simply put, many patients find after an adjustment that a functioning spine and nervous system allows them to carry out tasks in their daily life without noticing pain, aches or other problems, there is a sense of emotional wellbeing and peace, an improved overall health and enhanced quality of life.

We’d love to welcome you into our care and find out if you’re a candidate for chiropractic. Get started by contacting us for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!

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