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Dry Needling

Practitioner inserting needles into skinThe Provolution Health team give you different healing solutions to help you regain your health and wellbeing. Dry needling is a form of therapy similar to acupuncture (with use of needles). Rather than concentrating on the body’s energy, however, we focus on a specific area of concern.

Penetrating Deeply for Superior Healing

This therapy is used to relieve discomfort at a local level. It’s beneficial in removing the buildup of tension and stress from your life. Fine, small needles penetrate deeply into the inner muscles to target your concern. It’s used in addition to occupational therapy and can be done on a consistent basis to remove the aches and pains of everyday life.

Dry needling isn’t appropriate for expecting mums or those on blood pressure medications or blood thinners.
Are you interested in finding out more? Contact our friendly, helpful team today to discuss how dry needling may be right for you!

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